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Climate Science – a new film and a new website

‘Climate science’, ‘climate change’, ‘global warming’, these are all phrases used by the media, by the public and by scientists. Many sources will be telling you that the climate is now changing rapidly with the potential to affect everyone on … Continue reading

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Field season 2012/13: Mackay Glacier, Antarctica.

I’d just like to start with some words of Captain Robert Falcon Scott, recovered from his body 100 years ago. These final words are interesting and sobering reading. Yes, Antarctica is a place that can cause pain and push the … Continue reading

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Glacier detectives

A fairly busy last few months has involved proposal writing, lab work, seminar presenting and even some fieldwork, this time just down the road (relative to my Antarctic expedition). This fieldwork was part of a fellow blogger’s PhD project, focussed … Continue reading

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