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Training and preparation for Antarctic field work

Soon after arriving at Scott Base, we had dinner and were briefed about the base. The next few days involved long (12-14 hour) days of Antarctic Field Training (AFT), as well as science and camp preparation. This started with an … Continue reading

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Climate Science – a new film and a new website

‘Climate science’, ‘climate change’, ‘global warming’, these are all phrases used by the media, by the public and by scientists. Many sources will be telling you that the climate is now changing rapidly with the potential to affect everyone on … Continue reading

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“There are no foreign lands. It is the traveller only who is foreign.”

I’ve landed in Antarctica, albeit 2 days late, and it’s a very pleasant -3 degrees C (with wind chill)! It might be Summer but this is warm. The sea ice runway which I landed on last year in the C17 is … Continue reading

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Field season 2012/13: Mackay Glacier, Antarctica.

I’d just like to start with some words of Captain Robert Falcon Scott, recovered from his body 100 years ago. These final words are interesting and sobering reading. Yes, Antarctica is a place that can cause pain and push the … Continue reading

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Recognising Antarctic adventurers and scientists

Antarctica, a distant continent of extreme cold and ice, presents challenges to man’s ability to survive and scientific understanding. Recent noteworthy achievements and some holiday background reading have provoked me to share news of these feats. Towards the end of … Continue reading

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